what you should

know/bring for your audition...

  • BE ON TIME! Your time slot includes editing, labeling and sending files. Make sure you book enough time to accomplish it all! 

  • File labeling instructions (example: Name_ROLE_Agency) 

  • Slate instructions (close up, full body, name, height, age, etc.) 

  • Email addresses to send your audition -- I use WETRANSFER to send files. (Unfortunately, because of time constraints I won't be able to upload files to Actors Access for you)

  • A copy of your sides for the reader 

  • Let loose and enjoy the fact you get to be an actor and audition! Congrats.



Need to cancel? No sweat. Just give me at least a 2-hour heads up. Text me w/ your name at: (630) 842-0027

Late cancellations or "no call/no-shows"will still be charged full session fee. 


Last minute audition with a quick turnaround? No slots available? Don't fret. Just email ( or call/text (630-842-0027) and I will do my best to make it happen!

QUESTIONS?   Please reach out !